I think all of us ladies have our own dream wedding and we’ve been planning it with every details even we haven’t met our Mr. Right yet. From color themes,  choice of flowers, invitation styles,  entourage, wedding songs and most specially the wedding gown. Agree? 👰🏻

When I was a little girl,  I didn’t have idea of weddings.  All I care is to play outside and run and dress up my paper dolls and barbies. – Yeah let’s skip this.

I had my dream wedding. I wanted it so grand. I always watch on-site wedding videos and cry. I wanted a very long white gown with  perfect details and a veil. I wanted pastel colors for the decorations and invitations.  I wanted all my family and friends to be there and witness my once in a life time moment. All was planned.

But then when I got married, (1 year and 6 months ago) everything is just the opposite of what I dreamed of.

My husband and I got married in the court here in Saudi Arabia. We are both expatriates here -foreigners who came to work here in KSA-.

 SubhanAllah! (Glory to Allah)

Never in my wildest dreams and imaginations that I will be marrying a foreigner. But this is the decree of Allah and I believe that He knows what’s the best for me.

I had plans but He has greater plans for me.

Alhamdullilah (Praise and thanks to Allah).

Some people will be sad if something happened against their plans -and that includes me sometimes- but I learned that whatever and wherever our lives lead to, there is always a reason behind it. Who knows maybe it is for the better,  Right? We might not know the reason but trusting Allah,  our Creator, and accepting everything wholeheartedly will make things easier.

We had our wedding,  the simplest wedding ever. It’s me,  my husband,  two of his friends and the Imam. I was wearing an Abaya (long,  black Arabic dress used for going out to cover up) and with a face cover. No flowers, no invitations. But hey, It didn’t matter at all.

I am so glad I married my husband. Alhamdullilah.

It did changed my life, and I am so happy with it. 💑

Having your dream wedding become a reality is a good thing that can happen to your life but being married to somebody who you love and who will be with you for the rest of your life here in dunya (world) and in Akhira (hereafter) is the best thing.

Live simply.  Be happy. Say Alhamdullilah for everything and TRUST ALLAH.