Dua for the Traveller

It’s 1:43 a.m. here in KSA and I just can’t sleep.

No, I chose not to sleep.

I want to keep track of my husband who is  now on his way to the airport. It takes almost an hour drive to reach there, and I just can’t sleep until I know he has reached the airport.

And my hands ended up in the keyboard trying to divert my attention. I just want to share this dua / supplication.

Dua of the resident to the traveller:

أَسْتَوْدِعُ اللهَ دِينَكَ وَأَمَاَنتَكَ ، وَخَوَاتِيْمَ عَمَلِكَ

“I place your religion, your faithfulness and the ends of your deeds in the trust of Allah.”

زَوَّدَكَ اللهُ التَّقْوَى ، وَغَفَرَ ذَنبَكَ وَيَسَّرَ لَكَ الْخَيْرَ حَيْثُماَ كُنْتَ

May Allah endow you with taqwaa forgive your sins and facilitate all good for you, wherever you be.”

آمين يا رب يا لطيف ياحفيظ

Ameen.. Ya Rabb! Ya Latif, Ya Hafeez

Oh Our Lord, Oh Allah, The Gentle, The Preserver

One of the reasons why we love Saudi Arabia is although we are from Eastern part, it’s still easy for us to go in Makkah and Madinah anytime we want without worrying for visa as long as our schedule permits. From Eastern part of SA, it takes almost 12 hours by continuous land traveling. It is indeed tiring so we always go there by airplane. It takes around 2 hours from Dammam Airport to Jeddah Airport and from there, you have to take taxi and travel for an hour or less to reach the Masjid Al Haram.

I miss this place a lot! A beautiful sight. A place that keeps my heart at peace.

Taken last July 2015.

I ask Allah to give all Muslims a chance to visit and see the Holy Kaaba, Ya Rabb!

May Allah gives us a chance to perform Umrah and Hajj, Ya Rabb!


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