Giving up is NOT an option!

It’s been quite some time since I started learning the Arabic Language but I’m still having difficulty. I know I cannot perfect it in an instant but sometimes, or should I say most of the time, I am feeling so hopeless already. Despite the fact that I am married to an Arabic-speaking man, we don’t have enough time to sit and discuss every details of the Arabic Language like a teacher does in school. Besides, I feel bad if I will take his time to take rest after his stressful work. But of course, I know he is more than willing to help me to learn. I can feel his support by providing for me books, computer programs and he is  always ready to answer whenever I have questions. Alhamdulillah.

Basicallly, I am learning this language without a formal class. I started watching videos in YouTube and then I tried to complete the Rosetta Stone, a computer program for learning different languages. I liked it at first but eventually I stopped because I thought it’s better to learn the language with the Qur’anic words because my sole purpose of learning Arabic is to be able to read the Qur’an and understand it. In Shaa Allah.

I am not good in online classes. I feel sleepy and bored. I don’t feel the hype or excitement when no human is around me, moreover, my eyes cannot tolerate to stare in the laptop screen for long time. I tried the Madinah Arabic program in YouTube but unfortunately I was not able to finish it.

I looked for a teacher who I can have a one on one class but it’s a little bit pricey that’s why now I’m back to studying myself online. It’s difficult for me but I don’t have other options. I came to the point when I just cried and felt sad. I felt my tongue just twisted and I was mispronouncing the letters.

I have basic knowledge in Arabic, I can read but in a slow pace. I can write as well but I always have the problem in spelling especially in the long and short vowels. I guess because my native language doesn’t deal with that. I want to increase my vocabulary as well so I can understand the Arabic words that I am reading. In shaa Allah.

I need to organize myself and put more effort in studying the Arabic Language. I feel guilty that I have wasted a lot of time already. I want to know which class best suits me. I have to step my foot forward and stop procrastinating because Allah will question me at the end. Astagfirullah . May Allah forgive me.

I will be so happy to know your studying tips for learning Arabic Language. I know each of us are different but who knows, maybe it will be good for me as well. Guess I have to try and try until I succeed. In shaa Allah.

May Allah increase me in knowledge and make it easy for me in learning the Arabic Language. Ya RAbb!

P.S. Can you mention some fatwa regarding reading the Qur’an along with the reciter from my ipod (a recorded audio) with the intention of getting used to the  words and as a reading practice? Is it permissible or forbidden? Jazakum Allahu Khairan. 


10 thoughts on “Giving up is NOT an option!

  1. Maybe try and ask a friend or an aquintance who knows to teach you.
    I’m quite sure it’s fine to read along with an audio recitation. Maybe try and follow it in a mushaf or transliteration quran at the same time too.
    I would really love to teach but I think you on the opposite side of the globe!

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    • I have a lot of Arabic-speaking friends here but their time are consumed in taking care of their kids.

      Oh that’s so sweet of you! Jazakillahu Khairan! May Allah reward you of your good intention! 💞

      I am always reading from the mushaf along with the recorded recitatios because I feel it’s helping me a lot but I’m also searching for fatwas about it if it’s forbidden or permissible. May Allah forgive me if I have done something wrong.

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  2. I love your dedication MashaAllah! I started learning again recently after attempting to learn it a year ago and then giving up. My issue is that I’m not consistent enough and I really struggle to understand, as I’m learning online as well, and the Grammer stuff is all very confusing to me. You should try Bayyinah Institute. Nouman Ali Khan actually makes it pretty interesting. I think there’s a low monthly cost involved, and you can always unsubscribe. May Allah make it easy for all of us to learn Arabic so that we may understand His book, ameen.

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    • Oh how I wish I am! I am have some issues about consistency as well, I’m on and off in studying. 😞 Yes Yes Yes the grammar stuff confuses me a lot also. Jazakillahu Khair for your suggestion about Bayyinah Institute, I might check that one out if I will not be successful with the Islamic Online University Arabic courses which I started recently. (But I hope I finish it this time.)
      Ameen for your dua! 💞

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  3. I really admire how much you’re trying.
    Reading along with your ipod is completely fine, unless u r messing up the word, vowels etc which is a problem mostly children face.
    But reading along during your Haidh is not permissable, although listening is

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