First Week Done

Yey! I survived the first week of my 30-day photography challenge. I know my photography sucks but I was very happy doing it. It helped me economically and physically Haha.

Economically because this past week  I preferred to go to parks and beaches to take photo instead of my usual trip to malls which makes me spend a lot whenever I end up shopping. For sure, my husband is happier with it.

I am able to have long walks in the park as well because I keep on looking for a subject in my photography. The work is physically demanding but I am totally enjoying it although taking photos here in Saudi Arabia has a lot of limitations. I have to be very careful.

There are some days I cannot go outside because of the temperature. It’s still a little bit hot here, more or less 38 deg C, and the humidity is so annoying. I cannot walk outside or else I will end up soaking in my own sweat!

I hope you enjoy my photos and have an insight of my life in Sandbox, here in Saudi Arabia.  Six years ago before I came here, I thought I will be in a very isolated and old-fashioned way of living. And baaam! I was totally wrong. Well for me, because I am living on one of the major cities here in Saudi Arabia. (There are still some provinces though that people chose to live in isolated area like the bedouins).

The first two photos was taken from Outback Steakhouse, a known Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain (according to Mr. Wikipedia). So yes, we are not eating kabsa or Arabic food everyday. One of the best thing of living here is I can eat anything that I chose from the menu! Yes to Halal foods!

The Day 2 photo is one of my abaya. Here in Saudi Arabia,, it’s so easy to buy abaya. Or not. It’s so difficult for me because abayas are everywhere and it’s so difficult to choose among the designs. Lol. I noticed that more ladies are  wearing colored abayas nowadays like navy blue or brown compared to when I first came here. I’m not seeing anymore “religious police” or mutawa in the mall or in the street asking you to cover your hijab.

Well, let me tell you a funny story about that. I was not a Muslim yet when I first came to Saudi Arabia. So here I am, walking inside the mall with a friend, with my long, blow-dried hair swaying left and right while walking when one Mutawa came to me and said “Sister, cover your hair”. I got scared so I immediately went inside to the nearest shop and literally covered my head with a scarf. (I always had a scarf in my bag in case of emergency Lol) And believe me, he didn’t go away until he saw I covered my hair!

Alhamdulillah Allah guided me and gave me strength to keep my hijab on since I became a Muslim.

Day 3,4,5 and 7 photos are some of the public places here in SA. I’m living in the city next to the sea. There is a park along the coast where people are spending time during good weather especially during winter. We do barbecue and fishing as well. Children are running everywhere. Families  and friends are sitting on their mats while having coffee and  tea. Cats are everywhere also but most of them are not tame. Winter, please come fast.

The Day 6 photo is a henna art in my hand. As we all know, tattoos are forbidden in Islam so this temporary body art is used by many ladies during special occasions. It stays for a couple of days but make sure to dry it first after application to avoid staining your clothes and bed sheets!

More photos soon In Shaa Allah. Check my homepage and click each thumbnail to view the whole photo. I have to go and finish reading my camera’s user’s manual now so I can take better images.